The past year was difficult for many local businesses, including local jewelers. However, it was also a time to rally behind your favorite hometown business and take stock of what’s really important. Given this, we wanted to review a few considerations that can help you make decisions about your jewelry purchases in the coming year!


1. Take Stock of What You Already Have


Taking stock of the pieces you already own is a great way to think about what kind of piece you’d like to acquire next. Perhaps you have a set of earrings that could be offset by a complimentary bracelet. This kind of reprisal can even extend beyond your jewelry collection to what you wear. Perhaps looking at some of your go-to wardrobe staples can help you think about the perfect piece of jewelry to dress up a simple work outfit.


2. When Gift Giving, Think Ahead


When buying a piece for yourself, keep in mind the taste of close friends and family you might give to in the future. Making gift buying an automatic part of every shopping quest can help you give more thoughtful gifts and spot deals ahead of time.