There is something about the giddy energy of Spring that invites us to behold our beloved anew. The light against her hair and skin asks us to consider what might enhance who she already is. Historically, women who were celebrated and acclaimed were the women who wore jewelry made of fine metals and jewels. It’s really no different today. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the reasons for, and considerations to take into account, when buying your queen a special token of your affection.


1. Warmer Weather
We’re just at the start of the season where everything is heating up, both in terms of weather and romance. When skin is barer, there is more opportunity to bejewel it with finery. Consider a delicate gold chain, with a single 14 carat pendant. This can be an excellent token of affection for a woman that has class and poise. Show her you appreciate her sophistication with a matching bracelet.


2. Skin Tone
It’s especially important, moving into the summer months, to consider your loved one’s skin tone. Cooler, fairer tones, that wear pink, peach, and burnt sienna and aqua well, pair well with silver whereas, anyone with an ebony, olive, or ivory undertone pairs surprisingly well with gold. We recommend watching classic films with prominent actresses as a guidepost. Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor, will show you how to think about gold against the flesh, while anything starring Olivia de Haviland is all about that silver.