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There aren’t many things in life that make such a momentous impression that regardless of how old we get, we never forget. Like a moment frozen in time we can recall everything about that day, the place we were, the people who were there and the feeling we had when the everlasting impression was made. When a man asks a woman to be his wife they both remember the moment forever. So much thought a man puts into how and the way he will “pop the question”. He searches out engagement rings and laments over the anticipation and how she will respond. In kind a woman has long fantasized her soon to be husband asking for her hand. She’s hoped and longed for just that moment when he asks her to be his for life. With such a monumental occasion one must make plans for the choice in engagement rings to fit just what it is he feels for her in his heart.

Some couples choose to select their wedding rings together, and many even window shop long before the formal union takes place. Symra couples know to find the biggest selection in the symbol that will represent their love and lifelong union there is only one place to shop, that’s Platinum and Gold Jewelers on North Thompson Lane.

But Platinum and Gold Jewelers doesn’t just offer selection in wedding and engagement rings. Their jewelry selections and variety bring in gold buyers and Symra buyers who want to find the most unique expression of their style. Platinum and Gold Jewelers is the place to find not only the best jewelry selection, but also the most competitive price.

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